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Circus Suite

Posted by Tim Power on

 from teepee music publications 

A suite for brass quintet or ten-piece entitled CIRCUS.

This piece has 6 movements as follows:

1. Entry Parade - fanfare/march style

2. Clowns - Irregular time signatures; discordant elements

3. Trapeze - A waltz 3/4 style with occasional 7/8 sections for that element of "uncertainty"

4. Acrobats - Quick 2/4 scherzo with lots of florid quaver and semi-quaver passages

5. Jugglers - Essence of 3, 4 or 5 ball juggling reflected in the time signatures of 3/8 4/4 and 5/8

6. Finale - Reprise of the opening movement

The brass group compositions will include parts for a comprehensive percussion section including: xylophone, glockenspiel, vibraphone, 5x temple blocks, 3x tom toms, drum kit, timpani


Brass Quintet

Trumpet 1/Cornet1

Trumpet 2/Cornet 2

French Horn in F/Tenor Horn in Eb

Tenor Trombone (Bass Clef/Treble Clef)


 Ten-Piece Brass Ensemble

Trumpet 1/Cornet 1

Trumpet 2/Cornet 2

Trumpet 3/Cornet 3

Trumpet 4/Cornet 4

French Horn in F 1/Tenor Horn in Eb 1

French Horn in F 2/Tenor Horn in Eb 2

Tenor Trombone (Bass Clef/Treble Clef)

Bass Trombone 



This piece will be available soon at a cost of £65

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