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Primary School Songs Book 1 AVAILABLE NOW!

Posted by Tim Power on

Primary School Songs - Book 1 by Tim Power £40

A collection of 11 themed songs for you to sing in assembly, in class or with your choir.

Together in Union - a catchy, energetic song that is ideal for assembly. Use your own percussion patterns or devise your own hand actions or dance moves . . . go for it!.

Playground Games - a brilliant latin-flavoured song about friendship, playtime, getting along with each other. There is a playground chant in the middle - why not replace it with your own. There is a backing track to allow this option.

Pompeii Hidden Forever - a song originally written as a collaborative project with some local year 3 primary children, this song outlines the terror and sadness of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius that buried Pompeii forever. Haunting, effective, sad, emotional . . ideal for theme and topic work.

Seismic Activity Richter Scale - a catchy, funky song that illustrates the scientific processes linked to earthquakes and volcanoes. This was originally written as part of a collaborative project with primary school children.

Bonkers About Conkers - a challenging, yet effective song that celebrates the "conker fight" of old . . . . catchy, irregular time signatures . . but good fun.


Eco - a song that shows how we should look after our world: a fragile planet, protect it for the future. Again, ideal for theme and topic work. A "Melodies Track" is available to help with the rehearsal of your choir or class. 

Scarecrows - a lovely harvest song . . . .

"In the summer see the scarecrows dressed in cheery, ragged clothing.
See the scarecrows in the fields, watching over growing crops.
Standing proud and straight and fine, watch them standing in a perfect line."

Pets for Us - again, written as part of a collaboration with year 4 children. This is a blues/rock n roll style song that celebrates everything about pets. Lots of lovely rhyming language generated by the children set to a catchy backing track.

Song of Creation - lovely, slow, lyrical song ideal for harvest time . .

"Over the world, creatures exist.
Living their lives peacefully.
This is our world, where we all live.
Sharing the land in harmony."

Supermarket Shop - a really catchy,fun song that celebrates the origins of our food.

Watch the Cornfields - A lovely, slow, lyrical song . . . .

"Cornfields blowing in the breeze. Cornfields hidden in the trees.
Yellow, orange ears of corn.
Apples growing on the branch. Are they there by lucky chance?
Nature puts them there for us.
Watch the cornfields blowing, blowing in the morning sun."





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