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FYLGIA THE FOLLOWER - An Icelandic Folktale

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An original choral piece for Key Stage 2 or Lower Key Stage 3 children. Our story is about an "unlikely" heroine who takes a journey to protect her village from a marauding troll. The heroine's name Fylgia (in Icelandic 'she who follows'). This choral piece is complete with backing tracks, words, narrations, story book to read with your children in English sessions and a powerpoint of the story with scenes for use in your performance.

Have a listen to the sample tracks . . . . 


1. Trygg Fylgjendur - The village where Fylgia and her family live. "Busy working in our village, all is calm and peaceful . . ."

2. Fylgia - The unlikely heroine of our story. "I dream about a better life. I dream of it without this strife . . . "

3. Lilja - Fylgia's younger sister. "Lilja, I love you so. Sister I will care for you. . . "

4. Maliina's Secret - The princess in our story has a scret that no one must know about. "Secrets, hidden. Secrets, safe from prying eyes . . ."

5. Trolls - "The trolls around us. Do they surround us? . . ."

6. Steinn - The troll that has threatened the village. "People think I'm rough and tough and really rather scary. And I'm not like that at all. I'm rather soft and kind, but hairy! . . ."

7. Midnight Stealth - "Silently creep into the village. Search every house for the maiden . . ."

8. Trygg Fylgjendur reprise/Have You Noticed? The discovery that Maliina has gone! "Have you not seen? Maliina is taken! . . . "

9. We Need a Hero - Fylgia accepts the challenge of Lord Eirik. "Who will come? Save my child? Need not be meek or mild . . . "

10. Fylgia (Reprise)

11. Journey to Einmana - The mountain where Steinn is supposed to live. "Over fields and valleys, over rivers and the hills . . . "

12. Krummasivur - The Raven - "Raven sleeps in rock rift on a cold winter's night. Many things may hurt him. Things may hurt, hurt him . . ." (in Icelandic)

13. Steinn's Cave - "I have a friend, someone to share my life with. I have a friend. I'm not lonely any more . . . "

14. From Sunlight Comes Stone - Steinn's demise as he is tricked into the sunlight by Fylgia. "Now he's turned to stone and he will be alone . . ."

15. Fylgia's Victory

Please listen to some of the backing tracks to the show. You will receive these on disk as part of your purchase along with words, piano/vocal score, powerpoint scenes for your show and the story book.

Materials will be sent as a download via email.

Story book will be sent via post.



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