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Descent Into The Maelstrom - Edgar Allan Poe (1841)

This series of musical sketches is influenced by the short story Descent into the Maelstom written by Edgar Allan Poe in 1841. I've used a mixture of orchestral instrumentation blended with heavy percussion and a variety of synthesisers, sequencers and electric guitars.


Track 1: Summit of the Loftiest Crag

" . . . a sheer unobstructed precipice of black shining rock, some fifteen or sixteen hundred feet from the world of crags below us."

teepee music publications · Summit Of The Loftiest Crag


Track 2: 68 Degrees

"We are now close open the Norwegian coast - in the sixty eighth degree of latitude - in the great province of Nordland . . . "

teepee music publications · 68 Degrees


 Track 3: Broken Body and Soul

"Not long ago," he said at length, "and I could have guided you on this route as well as the youngest of my sons. But, this three years past, there happened to me an event such had never happened before to mortal men and the six hours of deadly terror which then endured have broken me up, body and soul".

teepee music publications · Broken Body And Soul


Track 4: Helseggen

Coming soon . . . . 


Track 5: Two Brothers

Coming soon . . . 


Track 6: Ebb and Flow

"It could not have been more than two minutes afterwards until we suddenly felt the waves subside, and we were enveloped in foam. The boat made a sharp turn to larboard, and shot off in its new direction like a thunderbolt".

teepee music publications · Ebb And Flow


 Track 7: Lofoden and Moskoe - The Deeps

"When it is in flood, the stream runs up the country between Lofoden and Moskoe with boisterous rapidity; but the roar of its impetuous ebb to the sea is scarce equalled by the loudest and most dreadful cataracts; the noise being heard several leagues off, and the vortices and pits are of such an extent and depth, that if a ship comes within its attraction, it is inevitably absorbed and carried to the bottom . . . "

teepee music publications · Lofoten And Moskoe - The Deeps


Track 8:  Moskoe Strom

It may look like boasting - but what I tell you is truth - I began to reflect how magnificent a thing it was to die in such a manner, and how foolish it was in me to think of so paltry a consideration as my individual life, in view of so wonderful a manifestation of God's power".

teepee music publications · Moskoe Strom