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Nautilus for Orchestra and Electronica (2020)

This piece was inspired by the novel "Vingt Milles Lieues Sous Les Mers" by Jules Verne (1870)

It is an Orchestral/Electronica fusion piece in 9 distinct sections:

1. Monstrous Narwhal

2. Mysterious Shape

3. Abraham Lincoln at Full Steam

4. Beat to Quarters

5. Overboard and Rescue

6. Captain Nemo

7. All by Electricity

8. Oceanic Vista

9. Final Conflict?

Rather than telling the story, the sections of the piece are musical snapshots from the novel, where I strive to create imagery through soundscape.

Nautilus Playlist . . . 

teepee music publications · 2 Abraham Lincoln At Full Steam 2A Beat To Quarters FINAL
teepee music publications · 3 Overboard And Rescue FINAL
teepee music publications · 4 Captain Nemo FINAL
teepee music publications · 5 All By Electricity FINAL
teepee music publications · 6 Oceanic Vista 7 Final Conflict FINAL