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The unique feature of our business is working closely in partnership with Bury Music Service and primary schools in providing bespoke resources or units of work linked to curriculum maps.

This is our unique selling point.

We work alongside staff and (most important of all) pupils and plan opportunities within topics or themes.

Here are some examples:


Iron Man
Working with Y4 children from Sunnybank Primary in Bury. We created a "techno" track that children could record their own voice-overs on. This had a real science fiction feel.


Working with the YR pupils at Summerseat Methodist Primary in Bury. We created three themed songs entitled: Ladybird, Ladybird; Snail Trails & Caterpillar Wiggle.

Like a Roman

Working with Year 4 at Sunnybank Primary in Bury. The children were preparing a song called "Like a Roman" with their teacher. We recorded the song live and added it to the existing backing track and also worked in groups to produce some "Latin" rhythms to go with it.

Danses Macabre

Based on the Saint Saens' piece and linking to Mersey Drive Primary Year 5 theme on Peasants, Princes and Pestilence, we created a "scaled down" simplified backing track so that the children could add their own composition ideas. We also developed an Art and Design pack based on Holbein's idea about the Danses Macabre and the children created their own modern version.


The Twits

Working with Year 1 at Sunnybank Primary in Bury. We created a song (based on existing lyrics) as the children were thinking about the Roald Dahl Centenary.

Pets 4 Us

Working with St Peter's CE Primary in Bury. Year 4 were looking at Pets, particularly the fact that they had got two Hamsters for their classroom. The pupils' the asked for a song for them to sing to support this learning.

Seismic Activity, Richter Scale

This song was originally written with the Y3 children of Sunnybank Primary in Bury. It has now been used in a number of schools to support learning related to Earthquakes and Volcanoes.

Pompeii, Hidden Forever

As part of the same topic, Y3 at Sunnybank Primary in Bury were looking at the effect of the eruption of Vesuvius on the Roman City of Pompeii. The children set the brief: "We want a sad song that we can sing . . . " This was used in a class assembly and has been rolled out to other schools to support history topics.

Under The Sea

Using stimulus from "The Little Mermaid", we working in collaboration with YR at Summerseat Methodist Primary School in Bury, encouraging the children to express their ideas about sea creatures that live under the sea as vocal sounds.

These were then recorded (with a narrator introducing each sound) and then added to the "Under the Sea" track.